Custom Fabrication Products


West Metal Works understands what it takes to deliver a product that meets standards and delivery expectations. We place years of experience against every complex project and forge a clear path to a successful outcome for our clients.

West Metal Works also offers a wide range of remotely operated tools to meet industrial needs. These tools are commonly used in the nuclear industry where entry into contaminated areas is either impractical or impossible.

We have yet to encounter a job too large in size or complexity. Click on the examples below to view our past projects.


Remote Handling Products

  • Adamant Saw
  • Breaker Hammer Functional Testing
  • Breaker Hammer
  • Deployable Arm Functional Testing
  • Doall
  • Drill Motor
  • Impact Wrench
  • Jumper Test Fixture
  • Partner Saw Functional Testing
  • Partner Saw
  • Portable Bandsaw
  • Power Grabber
  • Power Shear
  • Remotely Deployable Arm I
  • Remotely Deployable Arm Test II
  • Remotely Deployable Arm III
  • Torque Tool

Vessels & Skids

  • Air Large Double Stacked Processing Vessel
  • Chemical Carbon Steel Storage
  • Chemical Half Pipe Jacket
  • Custom Pressure Vessel
  • Fire Suppression Chamber
  • Large Carbon Steel Storage
  • Oil Manifold Pressure Vessel
  • Oxygen Test Fixture
  • Piping Skids Manifold
  • Piping Skids
  • Prototype
  • Aluminum Storage Tank
  • Spherical Propulsion Vessel (1.25" thick)
  • Test Pressure Vessel

Material Handling

  • Conveyor I
  • Conveyor II
  • Conveyor Table
  • IP 2 Liner Cart
  • Remotely Deployable Work Platform
  • Waste Box Conveyor

Glove Boxes

  • Glove Box I
  • Glove Box II
  • Pass Through I
  • Pass Through II
  • Port


  • 8" Thick Shield Box
  • Head Stand Shielding I
  • Head Stand Shielding II
  • Head Stand Shielding Lower Ring
  • Painted Head Stand Shielding
  • Shield Box Close Up
  • Shield Box Fabrication
  • Water Shield
  • Water Shields